I can proudly say that I'm currently living in a small town in 'de Achterhoek', a region on the eastside of the Netherlands. This is where people talk in dialect, where you can leave your door unlocked and where your neighbours make you feel welcome.
Somehow this is not a place for streetphotography. Therefore I'll visit cities where the buildings are huge, where people are rushed and where life unfolds in front of your eyes. When you take the time to stand still and look around, you will see another world. Beautiful sceneries, human artworks ready to be photographed and saved in time forever.
For me, this is therapy. It slows me down in a world of chaos and stress. 
In my work I like to focus on the individual. That one person that stands out. What's on his or her mind at this moment in time? Are they happy, sad, lonely or maybe in love? You can't tell but do you ever wonder?
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